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Glass tinting improves comfort in your property by blocking heat, glare and harmful UV rays
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Learn about the company and the founder Gavin’s passion for environmental change in the UAE.
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One of the most effective energy saving products in today’s market!

Between the soaring energy costs and environmental consciousness, building management is changing. You need to save energy and costs – but how? Over one-third of all energy costs stems from cooling – with 80% of the heat building from solar radiation.

Simply controlling the solar heat that enters through the windows will reduce the cooling impact & Laminas window films will effectively help you consume less energy – lowering your monthly usage and improving your environmental impact.

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The rooms are generally cooler and the setting of the AC are higher now or even off, so less energy costs. I would recommend it definitely, similar to car window tinting which is a must as well in this country.


The Lakes

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We installed Laminas window film to protect the interiors from the sun and keep the place cooler in summer months. We are very happy with the result and found Laminas’ service to be excellent. I have already recommended them to our friends.


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