What is window film?

Glass tinting improves comfort in your property by blocking heat, glare and harmful UV rays
Residential OR Commercial

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Learn about the company and the founder Gavin’s passion for environmental change in the UAE.
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Improve Comfort & Reduce Monthly Bills

Block Heat & Lower Temperatures

Reduce solar heat gain coming into your home through your glass windows and manage sun glare with our range of solar control products specifically for residential projects. Our products vary in light shades and technologies so you can reduce heat while still maintaining a bright welcoming home.

Save on DEWA Bills

DEWA states over 60% of an average bill is air conditioning usage. By improving your home’s thermal performance, you are effectively upgrading your home’s cooling efficiency. This can cut your monthly utility bills by up to 30%, offering a quick payback with instant daily benefits.

Add Privacy & Protect Possessions

Whether you wish to protect your furniture & flooring from sun damage or upgrade your home’s external appearance to add more privacy. Our slightly mirrored film products are ideal for daytime privacy without being too ‘full-on’ shiny.

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What our customers say…

The rooms are generally cooler and the setting of the AC are higher now or even off, so less energy costs. I would recommend it definitely, similar to car window tinting which is a must as well in this country.


The Lakes

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We installed Laminas window film to protect the interiors from the sun and keep the place cooler in summer months. We are very happy with the result and found Laminas’ service to be excellent. I have already recommended them to our friends.


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